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Quick start app

You can build seamless web3 user onboarding experiences with Embedded Accounts.

To help you get started, this quick start will focus on a starter application with a codebase designed to be simple so you can easily see how it works.

It will be broken into three sections:

  1. Demo: Jump into the starter app as a user
  2. Run locally: Clone the starter app and run it for yourself
  3. Walkthrough: Take a closer look at the key points of integration


Want to try it out as a user? Jump into this live demo.

Or, watch this screen capture to see the experience:

In this app each user is provided a smart account tied to their email address. Every onchain action is gas-sponsored so the user can start minting tokens at the click of a button!

Excited to run it yourself? Move to the next step to run the starter app or jump ahead to learn how it works.