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Run locally

Now that you have seen the starter app, its time to get it running locally for yourself! This section will walk you have you clone, configure and run the starter app.

Clone the repository

First you can clone the repository (starter app code here) with any of these commands:

git clone

Setup your environment variables

You'll notice that on Github, there is a .env.sample file. Create a copy of this file and call it .env. This is where all of your environment variables will go to interact with Alchemy services.

Next, we'll fill out that .env with variables.

Embedded Accounts

To get started with embedded accounts, you'll first need to sign up for an alchemy account at

Once you're on the dashboard, it is super easy to get started!

First click Embedded Accounts on your sidebar, then Get Started as shown below.

Quickstart Part 1

Next you'll be greeted with a dialog, where you can get your API Key, for interacting with blockchains, and your Gas Policy ID, for sponsoring transactions.

Quickstart Part 2

You can click on the copy button to copy each of these variables to your clipboard. Fill them out in your .env as shown in the .env.sample file.

Run the app

Now it's time to run the app! You will need to install the dependencies and then kickoff the development server.

To do this, we recommend using the yarn package manager so you will make use of the lock file we have committed to the repository and ensure you have the same library versions as we did.

Run the app with three steps:

  1. Open a terminal to the location of your repository
  2. Install the dependencies by running yarn
  3. Run the development server with yarn dev

And that's it! Your app should now be running on your localhost.

Be sure to check out the code and modify it to your satisfaction. And once you're ready to look closer, jump into the next section for a walkthrough.