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Send UserOperations

In this last section, you will enable users to send UserOperations through their newly created Embedded Account on your app.

Add button to Send UserOperations

Add a new src/components/SendUOButton.tsx file and incorporate it onto the src/components/ProfileCard.tsx for authenticated users to send a UO. These files should now look as follows:

"use client";
import { useSmartAccountClient, useUser } from "@alchemy/aa-alchemy/react";
import { SendUOButton } from "./SendUOButton";
export const ProfileCard = () => {
  const user = useUser();
  const { client } = useSmartAccountClient({
    type: "MultiOwnerModularAccount",
  return (
    <div className="flex flex-row rounded-lg bg-white p-10 dark:bg-[#0F172A]">
      <div className="flex flex-col gap-8">
        <div className="text-lg font-semibold">Welcome to your profile!</div>
        <div className="flex flex-col gap-4">
          <div className="flex flex-col gap-2">
            <div>Account address</div>
            <div className="text-wrap rounded-lg p-3 dark:bg-[#1F2937] dark:text-[#CBD5E1]">
          <div className="flex flex-col gap-2">
            <div className="text-wrap rounded-lg p-3 dark:bg-[#1F2937] dark:text-[#CBD5E1]">
        <SendUOButton />

That's it! At this point, run the application using:

npm run dev

You've now enabled users to sendUOs from their Embedded Account on your application, and the experience should look like the video below!

Congratulations! Using Account Kit, the Alchemy Signer, and Alchemy Modular Account, you created an application that authenticates a user by email to create their Embedded Account, and then uses that account to send a UserOperation!

Dive Deeper

You can do so much more with Embedded Accounts than this Quickstart guide could share!

  1. To learn more about the Alchemy Signer and how to support passkey login (and eventually social login), check out the technical docs for more details.
  2. To learn more about different smart account options available for your applications, check out the section Choosing a smart account.
  3. To learn more about how to use your smart accounts and what Account Kit offers to enhance users' web3 experiences, check out a number of guides we have in the Using smart accounts section, covering from basic to advanced usages.