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simulateUserOperation is a method you can use to easily leverage the alchemy_simulateUserOperationAssetChanges API to simulate asset changes resulting from user operation.


import { smartAccountClient } from "./base-client.ts";

const uoStruct: UserOperationCallData = {
  target: "0xTARGET_ADDRESS",
  data: "0xDATA",
  value: 1n,
const uoSimResult = await smartAccountClient.simulateUserOperationAssetChanges({
  uo: uoStruct,
if (uoSimResult.error) {
const uo = await smartAccountClient.sendUserOperation({ uo: uoStruct });



  • changes: SimulateAssetChange[]
    • assetType: SimulateAssetType (NATIVE, ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, orSPECIAL_NFT)
    • changeType: SimulateChangeType (APPROVE or TRANSFER)
    • from: Address
    • to: Address
    • rawAmount?: string
    • amount?: string
    • contactAddress: Address
    • tokenId?: string
    • decimals: number
    • symbol: string
    • name?: string
    • logo?: string
  • error: SimulateAssetChangesError
    • message: string


UserOperationCallData | UserOperationCallData[]

  • target: Address - the target of the call (equivalent to to in a transaction)
  • data: Hex - can be either 0x or a call data string
  • value?: bigint - optionally, set the value in wei you want to send to the target

overrides?: UserOperationOverrides

Optional parameter where you can specify override values for maxFeePerGas, maxPriorityFeePerGas, callGasLimit, preVerificationGas, verificationGasLimit or paymasterAndData on the user operation request. You can also specify a stateOverride to be passed into eth_estimateUserOperationGas during gas estimation.