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Calls eth_estimateUserOperationGas and returns the result.


import { client } from "./client";
const estimates = await client.estimateUserOperationGas(
    // ... user operation request with account dummySignature,
    // initCode, encoded user operation call data, sender address, etc.



The result of the estimate including the callGasLimit, verificationGasLimit, preVerificationGas, and additionally, paymasterVerificationGasLimit for EntryPointVersion v0.7.0 user operations.


request: UserOperationRequest

The user operation to estimate the gas for sending the user oepration.

entryPoint: Address

The address of the entry point to send the user operation to

stateOverride?: StateOverride

A type defining state overrides for eth_call method. An optional address-to-state mapping, where each entry specifies some state to be ephemerally overridden prior to executing the call. State overrides allow you to customize the network state for the purpose of the simulation, so this feature is useful when you need to estimate gas for user operation scenarios under conditions that aren’t currently present on the live network.