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This takes an ethereum transaction and converts it into a UserOperation (UO), sends the UO, and waits on the receipt of that UO (i.e. has it been mined).

If you don't want to wait for the UO to mine, it is recommended to use sendUserOperation instead.

Note that to, data, value, maxFeePerGas, maxPriorityFeePerGas fields of the transaction request type are considered and used to build the user operation from the transaction, while other fields are not used.


import { smartAccountClient } from "./smartAccountClient";

const tx: RpcTransactionRequest = {
  from, // ignored
  data: encodeFunctionData({
    abi: ContractABI.abi,
    functionName: "func",
    args: [arg1, arg2, ...],
const txHash = await smartAccountClient.sendTransaction(tx);


Promise<Hash | null>

A Promise containing the transaction hash



Same as viem TransactionRequest, but with the from field excluded

export type SendTransactionParameters<
  TChain extends Chain | undefined = Chain | undefined,
  TAccount extends Account | undefined = Account | undefined,
  TChainOverride extends Chain | undefined = Chain | undefined,
  derivedChain extends Chain | undefined = DeriveChain<TChain, TChainOverride>
> = UnionOmit<FormattedTransactionRequest<derivedChain>, "from"> &
  GetAccountParameter<TAccount> &
  GetChainParameter<TChain, TChainOverride>;

Optional parameter where you can specify override values for maxFeePerGas, maxPriorityFeePerGas, callGasLimit, preVerificationGas, verificationGasLimit, paymasterAndData, or nonceKey for the user operation request. You can also specify a stateOverride to be passed into eth_estimateUserOperationGas during gas estimation.

  • account?: TAccount extends SmartContractAccount | undefined

When using this action, if the SmartContractAccount has not been connected to the SmartAccountClient (e.g. SmartAccountClient not instantiated with your SmartContractAccount during createSmartAccountClient). If the account is not connected, you can specify the SmartContractAccount instance to use for the function call.