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authenticate is a method on the ArcanaAuthSigner that leverages the Arcana Auth Web SDK to authenticate a user.

This method must be called before accessing the other methods available on the ArcanaAuthSigner, such as signing messages or typed data or accessing user details.



import { ArcanaAuthSigner } from "@alchemy/aa-signers";
// Register app through Arcana Developer Dashboard to get clientId
// ARCANA_AUTH_CLIENTID = "xar_live_nnnnnnnnnn"
const newArcanaAuthSigner = new ArcanaAuthSigner({
// or
// import { AuthProvider } from "@arcana/auth";
// const inner = new AuthProvider ("xar_live_nnnn");
// const newArcanaAuthSigner = new ArcanaAuthSigner({inner});
const getUserInfo = await newArcanaAuthSigner.authenticate();



A Promise containing the UserInfo, an object with the following fields:

  • address: string | null -- the EoA account address associated with the authenticated user's wallet.
  • email: string | null -- email address of the authenticated user.
  • id: string | null -- the decentralized user identifier.
  • loginToken: string -- JWT token returned after the user authenticates.
  • loginType: Logins | passwordless -- login provider type or passwordless used for authentication (ex. [{ Logins: "google" | "github" | "discord" | "twitch" | "twitter" | "aws" | "firebase" | "steam" }]).
  • name: string -- user name associated with the email id
  • picture: string -- url pointing to the user profile image
  • publicKey: string -- public key associated with the user account

See Arcana Auth SDK Reference Guide for details.


clientId: Unique app identifier assigned after app registration via the Arcana Developer Dashboard


inner: An AuthProvider object. For field details, see AuthProvider constructor.