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To initialize a CapsuleSigner, you must provide a set of parameters detailed below.


import { CapsuleSigner } from "@alchemy/aa-signers/capsule";
import { ChainId } from "@capsule/capsule-web3-provider";

// instantiates using every possible parameter, as a reference
const capsuleSigner = new CapsuleSigner({
  env: Environment.DEVELOPMENT,
  apiKey: "CAPSULE_API_KEY",
  walletConfig: {
    chain: sepolia,
    // get your own Alchemy API key at:
    transport: http(`${sepolia.rpcUrls.alchemy.http[0]}/ALCHEMY_API_KEY`),



A new instance of a CapsuleSigner.


params: CapsuleProviderConfig | { inner: CapsuleWeb3Provider }

You can either pass in a constructed CapsuleWeb3Provider object, or directly pass into the CapsuleSigner the CapsuleProviderConfig used to construct a CapsuleWeb3Provider object. These parameters are listed on the Capsule docs as well.

CapsuleProviderConfig takes in the following parameters:

  • env: Environment -- a Capsule API Key. You can get one at the Capsule Developer Dashboard.

  • walletConfig: WalletClientConfig-- Config for Viem Wallet. See type here.

  • apiKey: string-- Capsule API key for signing requests.

  • opts: ConstructorOpts | undefined-- [optional] Object with the following properties. See type here.

    • useStorageOverrides: boolean -- [optional] Flag to override storage.

    • disableWorkers: boolean -- [optional] Flag to disable workers.

    • offloadMPCComputationURL: string -- [optional] Override URL to offload MPC computation.

    • useLocalFiles: boolean -- [optional] Flag to use local files.

    • localStorageGetItemOverride: (key: string) => Promise<string | null> -- [optional] Override method for getting items from local storage.

    • localStorageSetItemOverride: (key: string, value: string) => Promise<void> -- [optional] Override method for setting items on local storage.

    • sessionStorageGetItemOverride: (key: string) => Promise<string | null> -- [optional] Override method for getting items from session storage.

    • sessionStorageSetItemOverride: (key: string, value: string) => Promise<void> -- [optional] Override method for setting items on session storage.

    • sessionStorageRemoveItemOverride: (key: string) => Promise<void> -- [optional] Override method for removing items on session storage.

    • clearStorageOverride: () => Promise<void> -- [optional] Override method for clearing storage.

    • portalBackgroundColor: string -- [optional] Color of background portal.

    • portalPrimaryButtonColor: string -- [optional] Color of portal primary button color.

    • portalTextColor: string -- [optional] Color of portal text.

    • portalPrimaryButtonTextColor: string -- [optional] Color of portal primary button text.

    • useDKLSForCreation: boolean -- [optional] Flag to use DKLS for creation.

  • viemClientOpts: ViemClientOpts -- [optional] Object with the following properties:

    • noAccount: boolean -- [optional] Flag to skip creating a viem Account on Capsule's WalletClient, and instead have the Account be created and passed in separately when calling other methods on the client. Default false and recommended not to use.