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To initialize a FireblocksSigner, you must provide a set of parameters detailed below.


import { FireblocksSigner } from "@alchemy/aa-signers/fireblocks";
import { ChainId } from "@fireblocks/fireblocks-web3-provider";

// instantiates using every possible parameter, as a reference
const fireblocksSigner = new FireblocksSigner({
  apiKey: "API_KEY",
  chainId: ChainId.SEPOLIA,
  rpcUrl: "ALCHEMY_RPC_URL",
  vaultAccountIds: ["VAULT_ID"],
  note: "note",
  pollingInterval: 1000,
  oneTimeAddressesEnabled: true,
  externalTxId: "1",
  userAgent: "test-header",
  assetId: "1",
  logTransactionStatusChanges: true,
  logRequestsAndResponses: true,
  enhancedErrorHandling: true,
  gaslessGasTankVaultId: 1,



A new instance of a FireblocksSigner.


params: FireblocksProviderConfig | { inner: FireblocksWeb3Provider }

You can either pass in a constructed FireblocksWeb3Provider object, or directly pass into the FireblocksSigner the FireblocksProviderConfig used to construct a FireblocksWeb3Provider object. These parameters are listed on the Fireblocks repo as well.

FireblocksProviderConfig takes in the following parameters:

  • apiKey: string -- a Fireblocks API Key. You can get one at the Fireblocks Developer Dashboard.

  • privateKey: string-- Fireblocks API private key for signing requests.

  • chainId: ChainId-- Fireblocks API private key for signing requests. Required if rpcUrl is not provided.

  • rpcUrl: ChainId-- Url to which to transport JSON-RPC requests. Required if chainId is not provided.

  • vaultAccountIds: number | number[] | string | string[] -- [optional] list of Fireblocks vaults to provide for the Signer. By default, the first 20 vault accounts are dynamically loaded from the Fireblocks API.

  • apiBaseUrl -- [optional] base Url for querying the Fireblocks API. By default, it uses the Fireblocks API production endpoint.

  • fallbackFeeLevel: FeeLevel = "LOW" | "MEDIUM" | "HIGH" -- [optional] fallback fee for requests. Default Medium.

  • note: string -- [optional] By default, the note is set to "Created by Fireblocks Web3 Provider."

  • pollingInterval: number -- [optional] The interval in which the Fireblocks API is queried to check the status of transactions. Default is 1 second.

  • oneTimeAddressesEnabled: boolean -- [optional] Flag to determine if one time addresses are enabled in your Fireblocks workspace. Default true.

  • externalTxId: (() => string) | string -- [optional] External ID you can use to associate with transactions.

  • userAgent: string -- [optional] Additional appended product string to the User-Agent header on requests.

  • assetId: string -- [optional] custom ID for a Fireblocks asset, used with custom or private EVM chains.

  • logTransactionStatusChanges: boolean -- [optional] Flag to determine if every transaction status change will be logged to the console. Default false.

  • logRequestsAndResponses: boolean -- [optional] Flag to determine if every request and response processed by the provider will be logged to the console. Default false.

  • enhancedErrorHandling: boolean -- [optional] Flag to determine verbosity of failed transaction information. Default true.

  • gaslessGasTankVaultId: number -- [optional] If set, all transactions sent gaslessly, relayed via the provided vault ID. Default true.