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authenticate is a method on the MagicSigner which leverages the Magic web SDK to authenticate a user.

This method must be called before accessing the other methods available on the MagicSigner, such as signing messages or typed data or accessing user details.



import { MagicSigner } from "@alchemy/aa-signers/magic";

const magicSigner = new MagicSigner({ apiKey: MAGIC_API_KEY });
const authParams = {
  authenticate: async () => {
    await magicSigner.inner.wallet.connectWithUI();

await magicSigner.authenticate(authParams);



A Promise containing the MagicUserMetadata, and object with the following fields:

  • issuer: string | null -- the Decentralized ID of the user.
  • publicAddress: string | null -- the authenticated user's public address (EOA public key).
  • email: string | null -- email address of the authenticated user.
  • phoneNumber: string | null -- phone number of the authenticated user.
  • isMfaEnabled: boolean -- whether or not multi-factor authentication is enabled for the user.
  • recoveryFactors: RecoveryFactor[] -- any recovery methods that have been enabled (ex. [{ type: 'phone_number', value: '+99999999' }]).


authParams: <MagicAuthParams>

An object with the following fields:

  • authenticate: () => Promise<void> -- a method you can define as necessary to leverage the Magic SDK for authentication. For instance, in the example above, authenticate uses the connectWithUI method.