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To initialize a MagicSigner, you must provide a set of parameters detailed below.


import { MagicSigner } from "@alchemy/aa-signers/magic";

// instantiates using every possible parameter, as a reference
const magicSigner = new MagicSigner({
  apiKey: "MAGIC_API_KEY",
  options: {
    endpoint: "MAGIC_IFRAME_URL",
    locale: "en_US",
    network: "sepolia",
    testMode: false,



A new instance of a MagicSigner.


params: MagicSDKParams | { inner: Magic }

You can either pass in a constructed Magic object, or directly pass into the MagicSigner the MagicSDKParams used to construct a Magic object. These parameters are listed on the Magic Docs as well.

MagicSDKParams takes in the following parameters:

  • apiKey: string -- a Magic API Key. You can get one at Magic Dashboard.

  • options: MagicSDKAdditionalConfiguration -- [optional]

    • endpoint: string -- [optional] a URL pointing to the Magic <iframe> application.

    • locale: string -- [optional] customize the language of Magic's modal, email and confirmation screen.

    • network: string -- [optional] a representation of the connected Ethereum network (mainnet or goerli).

    • testMode: boolean -- [optional] toggle the login behavior to not have to go through the auth flow.