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authenticate is a method on the PassportSigner which leverages the Passport SDK to initiate login and authenticate a user.

This method must be called before accessing the other methods available on the PassportSigner, such as signing messages or typed data or accessing user details. Once authenticated this state will remain constant on the signer instance, and authenticate will no longer need to be called for access to the other methods; unless the account state is disrupted, upon which authenticate will be required once again.



import { PassportSigner } from "@alchemy/aa-signers/passport";
import { WebAuthnSigner } from "@0xpass/webauthn-signer";
import { sepolia } from "@alchemy/aa-core";

const passportSigner = new PassportSigner({
  scope_id: "<scope_id>",
  signer: new WebAuthnSigner({
    rpId: "<rpId>",
    rpName: "<rpName>",

await passportSigner.authenticate();



A Promise containing the PassportUserInfo, an object derived from Particle's UserInfo interface.


authParams: <PassportAuthenticationParams>

An object with the following fields:

  • authenticationParams: PassportAuthenticationParams -- an object with the following properties:

    • username: string -- The username of the user trying to authenticate.

    • userDisplayName: string -- The display name of the user.

    • chain: Chain -- The blockchain chain that the user is interacting with.

    • fallbackProvider: string -- The fallback provider in case the primary provider fails.

    • endpoint?: string -- [optional] The endpoint to which authentication requests should be sent.

  • userInfo: PassportUserInfo -- an object with the following properties:

    • authenticatedHeaders: PassportAuthenticatedHeaders -- Headers that include encrypted key and session information.

      • x-encrypted-key: string -- The encrypted key header.

      • x-session: string -- The session header.

    • addresses: Address[] -- An array of blockchain addresses associated with the user.

  • authenticate: (authenticationParams: PassportAuthenticationParams) => Promise<PassportUserInfo> -- a method that initiates authentication for a user and returns user information upon successful authentication.