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To initialize a Web3AuthSigner, you must provide a set of parameters detailed below.


import { Web3AuthSigner } from "@alchemy/aa-signers/web3auth";

// instantiates using every possible parameter, as a reference
const web3AuthSigner = new Web3AuthSigner({
  clientId: "test",
  chainConfig: {
    chainNamespace: "eip155",
    chainId: "1",
    rpcTarget: "RPC_URL",
    wsTarget: "WS_RPC_URL",
    displayName: "test",
    blockExplorer: "BLOCK_EXPLORER_URL",
    ticker: "ETH",
    tickerName: "Ethereum",
    decimals: 18,
  web3AuthNetwork: "mainnet",
  authMode: "DAPP",
  uiConfig: {
    loginMethodsOrder: ["google", "facebook", "email"],
    modalZIndex: "999998",
    displayErrorsOnModal: true,
    loginGridCol: 3,
    primaryButton: "socialLogin",
  enableLogging: true,
  storageKey: "local",
  sessionTime: 86400,
  useCoreKitKey: true,



A new instance of a Web3AuthSigner.


params: Web3AuthOptions | { inner: Web3Auth }

You can either pass in a constructed Web3Auth object, or directly pass into the Web3AuthSigner the Web3AuthOptions used to construct a Web3Auth object. These parameters are listed on the web3auth docs as well.

Web3AuthOptions takes in the following parameters:

  • clientId: string -- a web3Auth client ID. You can get one at the Web3Auth Developer Dashboard.

  • chainConfig: Object -- the custom chain configuration for chainNamespace.

    • chainNamespace: "eip155" | "solana" | "other"-- the type of chain.

    • chainId: string-- [optional] the id of the chain.

    • rpcTarget: string-- [optional] the RPC URL of the HTTP provider for the chain.

    • wsTarget: string-- [optional] the RPC URL of the websocket provider for the chain.

    • blockExplorer: string-- [optional] the url of the block explorer

    • ticker: string-- [optional] the currency ticker of the network. Default to "ETH".

    • tickerName: string-- [optional] the name for currency ticker. Defaults to "Ethereum".

    • decimals: number-- [optional] the number of decimals for the currency ticker. Defaults to 18.

  • web3AuthNetwork: "mainnet" | "testnet" | "cyan" | "aqua" | "celeste" | "sapphire_devnet" | "sapphire_mainnet" -- [optional] the web3auth network to use for the session & the issued idToken.

  • authMode: "DAPP" | "WALLET" -- [optional] flag to determine which adapter to use. Dapps should use "DAPP", and Wallets should use "WALLET".

  • uiConfig: Object -- [optional] the config for configuring modal ui display properties.

    • loginMethodsOrder: string[] -- [optional] the order of how login methods are shown.

    • modalZIndex: string -- [optional] the Z-index of the modal and iframe.

    • displayErrorsOnModal: boolean -- [optional] toggle to show errors on Web3Auth modal or not.

    • loginGridCol: 2 | 3 -- [optional] the number of columns to display the Social Login buttons.

    • primaryButton: "externalLogin" | "socialLogin" | "emailLogin" -- [optional] flag to decide which button will be displayed as primary button in modal.

  • enableLogging: boolean -- [optional] toggle to enable logs.

  • storageKey: "session" | "local" -- [optional] flag on whether to persist social login session across tabs. Defaults to "local".

  • sessionTime: number -- [optional] the time (in seconds) for idToken issued by Web3Auth for server side verification. Defaults to 86,400 seconds (1 day).

  • useCoreKitKey: boolean -- [optional] toggle to use core-kit key with web3auth provider. Defaults to false.