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User sessions

By default, AlchemySigner user sessions are cached in localStorage for 15 minutes.

You can customize session length by passing a sessionConfig to your AlchemySigner constructor.

You can check if the user has an active session with the following command:

import { signer } from "./signer";

// NOTE: this method throws if there is no authenticated user
// so we return null in the case of an error
const user = await signer.getAuthDetails().catch(() => null);
import { AlchemySigner } from "@alchemy/aa-alchemy";

export const signer = new AlchemySigner({
  client: {
    // This is created in your dashboard under ``
    // NOTE: it is not recommended to expose your API key on the client, instead proxy requests to your backend and set the `rpcUrl`
    // here to point to your backend.
    connection: { apiKey: "alcht_<KEY>" },
    iframeConfig: {
      // you will need to render a container with this id in your DOM
      iframeContainerId: "turnkey-iframe-container",

If there is an existing session, then your signer is ready for use! If not, see the section above for logging users in.