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Using a third-party paymaster

The SmartAccountClient within @alchemy/aa-core is unopinionated about which paymaster you use, so you can connect to any paymaster really simply. Configuration is done using the paymasterAndData config option when you call createSmartAccountClient.


import { createSmartAccountClient } from "@alchemy/aa-core";
import { sepolia } from "viem";

const chain = sepolia;
const client = createSmartAccountClient({
  transport: http("RPC_URL"),
  paymasterAndData: {
    paymasterAndData: async (userop, opts) => {
        // call your paymaster here to sponsor the userop
        // leverage the `opts` field to apply any overrides
        return {
            paymasterAndData: "0xresponsefromprovider"
    dummyPaymasterAndData: () => "0xnonrevertingpaymasterandata,