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This package contains the AlchemySmartAccountClient, an extension of the SmartAccountClient defined in aa-core. It also contains middleware for accessing the Gas Manager (an ERC-4337 Paymaster) and for doing Fee Estimates according to the expectations of the Rundler (an ERC-4337 Bundler). You may also find the util methods helpful. This repo is community maintained and we welcome contributions!

Getting started

If you are already using the @alchemy/aa-core package, you can simply install this package and start using the AlchemySmartAccountClient. If you are not using @alchemy/aa-core, you can install it and follow the instructions in the "Getting started" docs to get started.

yarn add @alchemy/aa-alchemy
npm i -s @alchemy/aa-alchemy
pnpm i @alchemy/aa-alchemy

Then, you can create a client like so:

import { createAlchemySmartAccountClient } from "@alchemy/aa-alchemy";
import { polygonMumbai } from "@alchemy/aa-core";

const chain = polygonMumbai;

export const smartAccountClient = createAlchemySmartAccountClient({
  apiKey: "demo",