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The getAuthDetails method is used to get the details of the currently authenticated user. This method will also use session storage to get the user's details if they are already authenticated.


This method throws if there is no authenticated user.


import { signer } from "./signer";

const user = await signer.getAuthDetails();
import { AlchemySigner } from "@alchemy/aa-alchemy";

export const signer = new AlchemySigner({
  client: {
    // This is created in your dashboard under ``
    // NOTE: it is not recommended to expose your API key on the client, instead proxy requests to your backend and set the `rpcUrl`
    // here to point to your backend.
    connection: { apiKey: "alcht_<KEY>" },
    iframeConfig: {
      // you will need to render a container with this id in your DOM
      iframeContainerId: "turnkey-iframe-container",


Promise<User> -- on success returns a User object representing the authenticated user.